• Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Nextgile?

Nextgile is a way of operating a business, geared towards growth, quality and advancement. By following the Nextgile method, a business is supported to be systemized, have processes for their team and gain feedback from clients to easily implement advancement. Growth, scalability and duplication are so much easier and customer experience is greatly improved. Nextgile is light weight, fun a simple and does away with traditional complexity.

How long does this take?

Now, that’s a trick question. As Nextgile is a way in which you will now conduct yourself in business, Nextgile never actually stops. It is just a part of your new culture of operation, as normal and everyday as doing your bookkeeping. The readiness phase however, usually takes a couple of months in a typical small business and another couple of months to get into the habit operationally. The time breezes by.

What is the investment?

Nextgile correctly implemented in your business, will pay for itself many times over. It’s designed to avoid costly consultancy. It does depend on which option you choose and the size of your team, but a typical small business will spend $150 to $200 per month on Nextpond software and will have spent $3000 to $5000 in Nextgile training as a once off. A small investment really. If you also want a Nextgile specialist, typically they are the cost of a part time business coach. If you already have a business coach, they can receive advanced Nextgile training and be your specialist too.

How do I get this for my business?

You have two choices available;

Firstly, you can seek the services of a Nextgile specialist. They will provide training for you and your team and establish the Nextpond software. Then they implement Nextgile readiness with you and move to run Nextgile operationally.

Secondly, you can choose to do this yourself. You have access to the Nextpond software and the online Nextgile training. A specialist can always be engaged at any time, should you need it.

Is this a burden on mine and my teams time?

Let’s say you are asked the same question every day of the week, and it takes 10 minutes of your time each day to answer it. Would spending 30 minutes to create a quick process so you never need to answer that question again, save you time, or cost you time? Of course, it will save you time and lots of it. There is some time required to complete this yes, but its incremental and in the moment. Writing a quick process is a new skill and habit, just like writing a quick email.

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